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Welcome to Baby Names

Chelsea Larson | February 21, 2019 | 0

Some people name their kid from their generation or others might want some new, unique or just popular (common) baby names. Finding the right name can of course be a challenging task. When deciding to find and selecting a name one of the ‘many’ things to keep in mind is that a name will be carried out throughout the child’s life, so hopefully the name will sound good, look good and feel good to the parents and others and maybe come with its own good meaning.

Here are some baby names that might be pretty awesome to look at:

Rylee (unisex name and a variation of Riley)
Mattie, Matilda

And for boy names maybe:


Anyway here are some Cool Names for Babies if you’re interested in checking out or you can view just baby names on the right side of the page if you want. When thinking about finding the right name one should choose a name that will still sound good during his childhood of course, his adolescense, his adult years and when he becomes a father or a mother for a girl, etc. Also a name should not contain a meaning or the name itself should not sound weird or strange enough that might cause some kind embarrassment to be introduced to the child or in his/her older years. So when wanting to choose a name try to keep in mind that the name will remain with them for the rest of their lives, so this should not create any kind of embarassment or a humilation to their own unique personality.

How do meanings work for baby names?

Well some, more or less, names out there with meanings I believe and maybe this is obvious to ‘most’ people, is also (other than the literate translation) written by figure of speech or in other words or word “metaphors”. Now what I mean by that is the meanings are so and so because to make it more meaningful to what baby name a person will want to choose. So for eg: ‘Aslan’ which is a name in Turkish (rarely used), its meaning is ‘Lion’, one would add brave, courageous, etc. This would be describing the Lion’s self of how the animal is in it’s habitat. So a person can make it more meaningful by choosing this said name and remembering the lion’s traits/attributes and then giving this particular name to a baby or themselves. Also some or most names will have more than a word of meaning attached to it, those are basically synonyms. Having those can give a person more option in finding the meanings they really like and a more detailed idea on what the name they want really means if they are interested in looking for that. Anyway take care and sorry if my post or article was ‘annoyingly put’ or too boring to read.